Setting the strategic vision for mitigating cyber risk


Working with companies to build the foundations for cyber risk management

Cyber readiness and preparation reviews

Cyber programmes: The cyber programme defines the activities, plans, milestones, resources and costs which the organisation will deliver to meet its strategic objectives.  It sets out a book of work which will assess, in line with international cyber security standards such as NIST (SCF, SP 800 – 53, SP 800 – 171), CMMC or ISO 27001 the current cyber security maturity.  It can consist of over 15 separate programmes of work, covering the security domains, practices and assessment criteria defined.  Programme which adopts a continuous lifcycle approach, as cyber is a continually evolving programme.

Reviewing cyber readiness and cyber programmes

Cyber strategy is the foundation to cyber security regulation

Typical Projects
  • Evaluation of cyber security and cyber risk management maturity in line with international standards such as ISO 27001, NIST SCF, NIST SP 800 – 171 and CMMC.

  • Evaluation of current cyber security strategy and plans and their effectiveness in managing cyber security. Making recommendations for improvement.

  • Creation of cyber security strategy and programmes to meet current cyber security regulations.